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Aerial Attractions builds ropes courses on steel structures in excellent quality.

Every Aerial Attractions Park is custom designed. We offer over 200 different climbing elements and have products for children, families and athletes.

The Park industry is a very profitable market, have a fast ROI and is easy to manage. We deliver a turnkey solution to our customers. Aerial Attractions is a leading company on the adventure park construction.

If you are looking to build a zipline, a zip-coaster, a ropes course and fun climbing structures, talk to us. We are happy to help with all your questions.

We will be there for you every step of the way. We take care of planning, concept, design, approvals, certifications, profitability studies, installment and most important of all, we care about each project as if it would be our own and guide you on this journey.

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    Space-saving, modern steel technology coupled with precision German/Canadian engineering and manufacturing. Aerial Attractions Ropes Courses are surgically engineered to yield maximum fun for the whole family and to all ages and skill levels, enjoyment and clockwork revenue from a small footprint to any possible size or shape that fits best in the client’s site.

    Adventure Parks

    High Trek

    May 2021 - Lake Chelan, Washington, USA

    The landscape, the view, the surrounding nature and the picturesque town of Chelan make this park our favorite project in 2021 so far. While riding on ziplines or climbing, it is possible to watch the surf in the largest City Wave park in the world and enjoy the passage of deer, marmots and eagles.

    Adventure Parks

    Climb Upton

    April 2021 - Arlington, Virginia, USA

    The Upton Hill Regional Park in Arlington has now one of the most exhilarating climbing parks we have ever built. The ClimbUpton is a 16-Pole park with 90 climbing elements, ziplines and free fall.

    Adventure Parks

    Spins Hudson

    March 2021 - Peekskill, NY

    The extension we did for Spins Hudson is simply mind-blowing. The addition of 7 vertical elements is not only eye catching but also not for the faint hearted. Obstacles includes cargo net as well as tricky tetris. The highlight of them all is definitely the stairway to heaven which brings you to the top of a pamper pole at a dizzying height of 33ft.

    Adventure Parks

    Oran, Algeria

    March 2021 - Oran, Algeria

    The year 2021 began with a challenging project in North Africa, Algeria. Travel restrictions, Covid-19 tests, flight shortages, etc. made this beautiful Park very difficult to be realized. We built an outdoor park with 8 poles and 2 levels, an outdoor playground, an indoor park with continuous belay system and a climbing Wall.


    1. installation

    At Aerial Attractions, we’re one of the industry’s most experienced complex steel structure builders and more than ten of the tall climbing towers standing in North America today were put up by our IRATA rope access team.

    2. inspection

    At Aerial Attractions, we recognize our costumers’. Parks are often their single largest investment. We take pride in helping customers protect their investments with comprehensive inspection reports. Our team has decades of experience carefully assessing every aspect of ropes courses and tower structures, as well as reporting any observed issues in detail. We are also pleased to lend our expertise in helping customers understand our inspection findings.

    3. training

    A custom package is developed for every project including all needed signs, checklists, manuals for operation, training, and inspection, as well as all necessary tools and equipment. Whether you’re new to the industry or a seasoned professional, we will ensure you have the knowledge and skillset to operate a safe and profitable adventure park. Our team of certified trainers and experienced Park managers will put your crew on the top of the business fulfilling European and north American standards.

    4. graphic design

    Good Corporate Design improves the functional, ergonomic and visual aspects of a product, meeting the needs of the consumer, and enhancing the comfort, safety and user experience. It’s the way to add value to your product as it is a powerful tool to highlight your venture in the market. Our Design team offers a complete visual communication package that includes Logotype, Park Signage, Website, Staff Uniform, Business Card, Opening Adds Design and Checklist.

    our team

    Our team successfully sold, build and delivered projects across North America in the past years. Our clients invested alongside us as they saw and experienced first-hand our commitment to customer experience, value, quality and safety. Our commitment to stay ahead of the curve and incorporate cutting edge design, materials and best practices while staying innovative, has led us to broader possibilities with new partnerships and a very competitive turnkey product offering.

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    marketing & design


    • Shawn Balog
      The small footprint, fit with the environment,  and concept with the custom design certainly assisted with approvals by our municipality since it was being installed in a city park. We have enjoyed 50,000 visitors in two summer seasons. Operationally, we are very pleased with the safety and operational costs are minimal. JP did an excellent job with assisting us with our vision and ensuring our needs were met
      Shawn Balog
      General Manager - Snow Valley Aerial Park
    • Shawn Roy
      Our office recently went as a team to play on the Ropes Course at The Factory, and we Must tell you; it was one of the greatest experiences collectively we have all ever tried! You guys definitely do an amazing job at; not only the construction of these courses, but the varying levels of difficulty and creativity! It was also an amazing experience getting to work on a project such as this with you and your team and developing that working relationship! Best Regards,
      Shawn Roy
      Project Coordinator - The Factory
    • Wesley Peixoto
      500 Parks couldn't have had a more experienced and resourceful consultant and supplier, for our adventure parks projects, than Aerial Attraction. Given the unusual parameters in which we had to work, Mark, JP, and their team devised a distinctive approach to solve all the challenges. Mark was incredibly thorough in making sure that all of the bases were covered and that we understood which processes were being enhanced and the reasons for it. Several very long days were put in and Mark was tireless in his commitment and guidance. In future projects Aerial Attraction will always be our number one choice.
      Wesley Peixoto
      500 Parks

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